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This series on prayer, Youth Walking with God ©2009, is intended for presentation to middle- and/or highschool youth as part of a pre-confirmation religious education program or post-confirmation continuing faith formation. The workshop consists of a series of sessions that can be offered as a weekend retreat or as part of a seasonal or classroom program. Each session draws the youth into a different perspective on relating to God in a personal and intimate way which deepens their faith and their understanding of God. The series integrates Contemporary Christian music selected to match each topic and integrates a variety of group and independent activities that support the topic of each session.

Workshop Opportunities

Workshop Style


Full workshop
One session per week or month
Total of eight (8) sessions. Each session is approximately 90 minutes including activities, a time of prayer to practice the concepts, and a break. Student prayer journals provided by Lamps-A-Glow.

Snacks provided by the host parish.

Weekend workshop
Six session within a single weekend

A lock-in format might be fun for the youth!

Total of six (6) sessions. Each session is approximately 60 minutes including related activities with additional time set aside to practice different aspects of prayer. Student prayer journals are provided by Lamps-A-Glow.

Parish provides for a Saturday and Sunday mass including music ministry, meals and snacks for the youth and workshop speakers. We also recommend organizing a Saturday evening social event.

1/2 day workshop
Abbreviated program, estimated 5 hours, recommend kicking off with mass and including a meal

Total of six (6) shortened sessions. Each session is approximately 20 minutes. Activities are included and a brief time is set aside to practice personal prayer. Student prayer journals are provided by Lamps-A-Glow.

Parish provides for a mass including music ministry and one meal plus snacks for the youth and workshop speakers.
Overview Talk
A single talk.
One 90 minute presentation which includes one break and three brief periods of quiet reflection.
  • Presenters are virtus (child safety) certified.
  • One or more presenters may be assigned depending on the group size.
  • Presenters are not responsible for the youth between sessions.

Responsibilities of the Parish

  • Provide a safe, clean, and transparent environment.
  • Provide meals and/or snacks for youth and presenters.
  • Provide chaperones, in particular for a weekend event.
  • Presenters are open to mitigating travel expenses by being hosted in the home of a parish member. Private room with a bed and bath is required.

Please make requests to or call Bernadette at 540-416-2456 for more information.

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Read the endorsement by Janis Clarke and a prayer of blessing by Fr. Francis Martin, S.S.D. (RIP August 2017).