Freshen up your classroom with these colorful Pray_Every_Day® poster sets. These poster sets complement the Pray_Every_Day® workbook series and activities.

Basic Prayers
Basic Prayers
These sets combines the primary prayers of the Rosary into a single package of prayer posters; perfect to dress up any classroom! Sets include the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Sign of the Cross. The set of 4 includes the Glory Be/Fatima Pryer.

Estes grupos de carteles incluyen Oraciones de Padre Nuestro, Ave María, y Señal de la Cruz. El grupo de cuatro incluye la oración a San Miguel
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Catholic Tradition Set
Tradition Set
This set includes the set of posters in the Catholic Traditions group, including the Beatitudes, St. Michael, and Guardian Angel prayers among others. This set is available only on Amazon. Custom packages can be created in the Lamps-A-Glow Shop.

Este grupo de carteles (español disponible después de algún tiempo) incluye los del grupo de tradiciones católicas, incluidas Las Bienaventuranzass, oración a San Miguel y el Ángel de la guarda y otros. Se pueden crear grupos personalizados en el Lamps-A-Glow Shop.
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Prayers of the Rosary
Rosary Prayers Set
This set combines the posters for all the prayers of the Rosary into a single package. This package ensures that you do not accidentally leave out any of the core prayer posters when ordering the posters for the prayers of the Rosary.

Este grupo de carteles incluye todas las oraciones del Rosario y asegura que no omita accidentalmente ninguno de los oraciones principales del Rosario.
Make Your Own Set
Rosary Prayers Set
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Elija cinco carteles favoritos en nuestra tienda. Si quieres un cartel que no está disponible en español, avísenos y se lo completamos muy pronto.
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These posters, pocket cards, and prayer cards complement any religious education program and are perfect for any classroom environment. They are self-explanatory, offering a wonderful prayer activity for families. The pocket cards are convenient to share with friends and students, and are easy to carry anywhere or to keep in a common area for quick reference!

For mobile classrooms, consider standing acrylic holders (11" x 17") to display the posters of your choice. Please email us to request this special print size.

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