With your merciful words,
tell me my sins,
that I may repent of them.

Through your merciful gaze,
show me my sins,
that I may grieve over them.

In your merciful gift of understanding,
help me know the depth of my sins,
that I may weep for them.

Within your merciful compassion,
reveal to me how my sins harm the Body of Christ,
that I may plead with you for divine assistance to turn away from them.

By your merciful forgiveness,
grant me the grace to take authority over my sins,
that I might sin no more.

Heal my soul,
guide my steps,
bend my will to yours,

that I might seek nothing for myself and fear no human condition.
that I may walk the path of holiness deliberately and resolutely,
that I would give glory to your name, forever.


©Bernadette Harmon, 2013