Coming to Jesus by the Hands of Mary

Clic para obtener información y el programa en español. El sitio web incluye información y todos las reflexiones, de texto y de video, para el programa de 33 días. Está invitado a participar aquí mismo agregue sus ideas y reflexiones como comentarios debajo de cada día.

Our Lady, being most intimately familiar with Our Lord in a way that no other human can be, who was created by our God expressly for the purpose of bringing Jesus to us, has as her sole purpose, guiding us closer and closer to Our Lord.

The devotion according to St. Louis De Montfort is a 33-day preparation. However, the preparation period can be adjusted to suit your needs. If this is your first effort at consecration, try to do the full 33-day program. But don't worry if you miss a few days here and there. If you are renewing your consecration, tailor your personal retreat to your needs as the Spirit moves you, making the full 33-day retreat or offering just a single week to reveiw the materials. If you are renewing, consider using alternative materials to deepen your love of Jesus and Mary in new ways!

So many resources can be found online. For a richer experience and more flexible study program, purchase the materials referenced by the online preparation notes so that you can carry your study materials with you and make notes in the margins. You can even navigate through the 33-day program with Lamps-A-Glow using your smartphone browser or use one of several smartphone apps available from other groups.

Choose a marian feast day on which to make your consecration (click here to see a list of feasts and retreat start dates). Then, follow the preparation days listed here as you proceed through the preparation period. Click here for resources and more information.

Note: Materials are posted for the entire 33-day personal retreat and are linked to other online resources. The daily reflections are taken directly from Preparation for Total Consecration according to Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, by Montfort Publications. The text is not enclosed in quotes but is credited at the bottom of each reflection page. Reflections and exhortations that do not come from the book are credited to the writer directly before or after the text. The presentation of the consecration text on this website is not financially motivated and only seeks to replicate what is done on many other websites with a different organizational perspective and offering the opportunity for visitors to share their insights as comments in this virtual forum.