My littl girl told me
She felt like a speck of dust.
She wasn’t feeling very well.

She felt so insignificant,
So small, so worthless.
Her heart, it was so low.

I thought about her,
This little speck of dust
And God shared this…


This child filled with sadness,
My favorite little speck of dust,
So perfect for my heart.

I pick it up from off the floor
To take it close to me.
I blow it gently from my finger
To see it fly so free.

It moves with grace, and happily
It dances before my eyes.
It soars so freely through the air
Responding swiftly to every breeze.

I watch it dance
This little speck,
I watch it soar
And find its way.

It settles, it rises,
It follows the air.
It finds its path
As I watch the dance.

I watch intently
As it floats along.
It gradually descends
To find a new home.

Its destiny has been chosen
Before the dance began;
Its path laid out
By my very own breath.

This dance ends;
Its new home rising
To meet this speck of dust
So precious, so perfect.

It enters gracefully
Upon the throne
I have prepared
with loving hands.

This is my speck of dust
So perfect, so special;
Not worthless at all,
Important and significant.

She is my child
I am her Father.
She holds a special place
In my heart, in my home.

The dance will continue,
and will always be new
As she finds in Me
Our Love most true.

©Bernadette Harmon, April 2007