I am but a piece of stone, carved by the loving hand of my creator. My sculpted self, kneeling, head bowed before God, is weathered and worn; dust falling to the ground. I am riddled with fractures and fissures, each representing the flaws and weaknesses of my sinful nature. Each time I sin, the fissures deepen and widen, literally tearing me apart; I fall as dust to the earth.

But, I have been blessed. Mary, my Mother, gathers my broken body and comforts me. She wraps her arms around me to hold me together. As I confess my sins to my Father and invite the Holy Spirit to lead me home through repentance and penance, the fire of His Holiness and the brilliant light of God fill each fissure. His light and love are the glue that binds me, making me whole. The fissures never go away, but with each confession they bind more firmly, strengthening my foundation in Christ.

I am truly worthless in the sight of God. I am dust. Oh! Wonder of wonders! That God would see fit to gather the dust and create in me a life for His glory. And each time I crumble and return to dust; that He would breathe new life into me, allowing me to continue glorifying and praising Him. I do not despair. Rather, I am in awe of His majesty, compassion and love. I desire only to fulfill my duties to the glory of His Name.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

©Bernadette Harmon, 2013