For the six weeks of Lent (2016), I focused on more consistency in the exercise of daily prayer. Reflecting on discussions with a spiritual friend, I began to contemplate the intimacy and purity of Holy Communion during daily prayer for the latter part of my Lenten journey. As I entered into the Triduum and celebrated the Resurrection, I received such a beautiful grace and gift that I now share with you!

In his fullness
He comes to us
Unworthy as we are.

In bread and wine
He enters into our body.
His Body and Blood
He mingles with ours.
With His Soul and Divinity
He fills our being.

You offer yourself
Holding nothing back.

We offer ourselves
By your example.

You accept our offering.
You bring us into your sacrifice.
You transform the bread.
You transform the wine.
You transform our hearts.
You consecrate us to yourself.

I await you,
Poor sinner that I am.

In your fullness
Come to me.
In bread and wine,
Enter my body.
Your Body and Blood,
Mingle with mine.
With Your Soul and Divinity,
Fill me to overflowing.


In the Quiet...
I wait...
I listen...

He is here!
He has come!

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My beloved,
I am here.
I am with you.
I am in you!

Give yourself to me.
Hold nothing back,
As I give myself to you!

Trust in me,
Rest in me,
Yield to me!


Precious are these moments.

I accept your gift;
The bread and wine,
Your Body and Blood,
Your Soul and Divinity.
I accept your fullness.

I wait upon you, Lord.
Take my burden.
Show me your mercy.
Fill me with your light.

Precious are these moments.

We are together.
You, in me.
I, in you.
Together in this place
The veil is torn.

Two souls made one
In purest union;
Your being with mine;
Mine with yours.

Oh, when, my Lord
will this be for forever?

Fan the flame of love,
Increase the zeal in my heart,
And fill me with hope eternal,
From now until we meet again
In this most intimate union
When, once again,
You and I can share
A few precious moments!

©Bernadette Harmon, 2016