On Suffering
(Anything from a hangnail to an argument to a temptation.)

Be humble in my suffering.
Be humbled by my suffering.
Find Jesus in my suffering.
Be with Jesus, suffering together.
Know that Jesus carries the greater portion of the suffering!

On our Sinfulness
(Anything from a white lie to an act that compromises our values to a decision to go against God.)

Be humble when I recognize my sin.
Be humbled by my sinfulness and brokenness.
Find Jesus' outstretched hand when I sin.
Be with Jesus, as He takes away my sin.
Know that Jesus has chosen to bear the burden of all my sin, and release it to him!

On Joy
(Anything from a happy encounter to a successful endeavor to a divine consolation.)

Be humble in my joy.
Be humbled by my joy.
Find Jesus in my joy.
Be with Jesus, joyful together.
Know that Jesus experiences far greater joy when we receive his joy!

©Bernadette Harmon, 2017