Oh Jesus,
To gaze on you is to love You
And to be loved by You!

How precious
These moments we share;
In silence,
In hopefulness,
In expectant waiting!

Though clothed in glory,
Though abounding in mercy,
You shield us from your brilliance,
From certain death,
with the cloak of bread
And blood red wine.

Oh Jesus, my Jesus,
My savior, my healer,
You call me so softly
To walk by your side.
You guide me, You whisper
Your tender desires.

He says,
I am all you need.
I am your way,
My light shines within you.

He says,
I am your beloved,
The song on my lips,
The joy in my heart.
And you are mine.

So let us gaze,
You on me,
And I on you,
Until I have filled
You with my love so true,
'Til my riches brim over
Your beautiful heart.

So gaze on me now,
As I gaze on you!

©Bernadette Harmon, 2017-Aug