There is so much goodness and purity in the world! But it is always at war with evil. We may often wonder if the battle is futile.

This is a tactic of evil.

Toward the end of Jesus' ministry he sent his disciples out to preach, heal, and cast out demons. We are his disciples now. We have been sent out to preach, heal, and cast out demons! How do we do this?

Both Mark and Matthew recount a time when the disciples came back confused and likely frustrated. They asked him [Jesus]: “Why could we not drive it out?”

Matthew records Jesus' response as: “Because of your little faith.” (Mt 17:20) Jesus goes on to talk about faith the size of a mustard seed. But listeners may not make the association between faith and prayer in that story.

Mark offers these words from Jesus: “This kind can only come out through prayer.” (Mark 9.29)

We can be good people. We can live good lives. We can join with other like-minded people in community once a week in prayer and fellowship. But this prayer that Jesus talks of is more active than a once-a-week commitment or an occasional plea to God for assistance be it personal or for a friend. This prayer is insistent, persistent, coming from a place of true and pure grieving for our families, neighbors, our world. This prayer does not come out of hatred or judgement, rather out of love, love for every soul, even those we have deemed evil in our eyes. This prayer is unceasing, heart, mind, body, and soul joined with one another and with God!

Mourning is one of the beatitudes. It speaks to the need for prayer. How can we mourn if we are judgmental, or worse, hateful? Mourning is filled with compassion and love. And yet mourning in the Christian sense does not lead to defeatism or depression, rather it allows us to suffer in solidarity with one another. Mourning reminds us of the mercy of God and allows us to trust in his plan.

Pray! Pray alone. Pray together.
Pray those prayers written by others. Pray the prayers bubbling from your heart.
Just Pray!

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Pray Every Day

We are all called to a join the church in prayer every day.

"Lay people are encouraged to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, especially Morning and Evening Prayer." -, Evening Prayer (Vespers)

We are further encouraged to offer a Rosary every day for any number of causes and or intentions. Faithful and fervent prayer of the most holy Rosary has been known cause battles to be won, even stop wars! I would argue, we are in need of a few miracles today!

Join the online prayer group LIVE at 8am Monday through Friday or pray along on your own as you are able.
Todos estamos llamados a la devoción diaria unidos a toda la iglesia.

Se alienta a los laicos a rezar la Liturgia de las Horas, especialmente la Oración de la mañana (Laudes) y de la tarde (Visperas).

Además, se nos anima a ofrecer un Rosario cada día por cualquier causa o intención. ¡En tiempos pasados, se han ganado batallascuando los fieles han rezado fervientemente el Rosario más sagrado! ¡Diría que hoy necesitamos algunos milagros!

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