Our mission is to encourage daily prayer!

We testify to the power of prayer!

We offer resources for all age groups!

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  • For young children (elementary school), you will find prayer activity kits and workbooks to lend a fresh and interactive approach to praying the Rosary and guide them to grow deeper in prayer as they advance through the series. Click Pray_Every_Day® to browse our resources for your child, your group, or your classroom.
  • For teens, the Youth Walking With God menu offers a link to workshop opportunities. The workshop can be led by a Lamps-A-Glow member or by any catechist with the supporting workbooks (coming soon).
  • For adults, this site offers a virtual study forum for Consecration to Jesus through Mary. The program, based on St. Louis de Montfort's 33-day program, can be used independently or by a group to promote fellowship for those who may not have enough time or are not able to participate in extra activities outside of home, work, or school. The benefit of this virtual forum is that is not time-bound and is at your fingertips to share your insights with others and benefit from the insights of others. The online program here can even be navigated on your smartphone.

    Check out the additional menu items for further reflection!