The Rosary materials available here offer interactive activities for children primarily in elementary school. The materials include the prayers of the Holy Rosary, instructions, Rosary patterns, and stickers. The children apply the stickers to a pattern to show progress, allowing them to make wonderful and creative designs while praying the Holy Rosary. Using the stickers and Rosary designs, the child participates more fully in the act of prayer, using the body, the mind, the heart, and the spirit.

If you have purchased a set of stickers and would like to use them as you pray the Rosary, consider purchasing one of the following items.

In the mean time, you are welcome to download these resources.

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You can also find instructions on praying the Rosary and the prayers of the Rosary at website for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - click anywhere on this text to jump to the USCCB.ORG website. 

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Watch this video preview of these interactive Rosary Activities for children!

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<< Watch this video overview of these interactive prayer activities!

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Read the endorsement by Janis Clarke and a prayer of blessing by Fr. Francis Martin, S.S.D. (RIP August 2017).