ARMI® Return to God
Return your heart to God as you reflect on the mysteries of the Rosary!

Share the joys of prayer with your children! This My Rosary Prayers workbook helps our children take the next step in the path towards independent prayer, joining the ARMI® of prayer warriors. In this level we teach our children to consider their own sins and the many blessings they receive each day, while continuing to explore the lives of Jesus and Mary in the mysteries. This Pray_Every_Day® workbook is a perfect supplement to any religious education program, as a gift for our youth, or as an activity for evening family prayer.

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My Rosary Prayers
A Pray_Every_Day® Workbook
Leader's Guide
with ARMI® Prayer Model
Level 4 Activity Kit
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  • Continues the practice of praying the rosary while introducing independent prayer.
  • Integrates "R" from the ARMI® prayer model - returning our heart to God when we do not reflect his kingdom.
  • Offers opportunity to reflect on our blessings.
  • Includes reflections, word search and crossword activities, and unique rosary patterns to track prayers.
  • Plus two full sheets of custom-designed stickers.
Recommended for U.S. grade level 4 (can be applied in other grade levels as appropriate)

A valuable tool when leading in a classroom or group setting.

  • Describes the ARMI® model of prayer as leaders begin to guide children from structured prayer to independent prayer.
  • Provides insights on the four aspects of prayer as expressed in the Lord's prayer.
  • Continues to affirm the prayers of the Rosary.
  • Offers thoughts on presentation, flow, and variations.
  • Includes four rosary patterns for tracking completed prayers.
  • Plus two full sheets of custom-designed stickers.
  • Includes an instructional rosary image and quick start guide.
  • Enough material to complete four sets of mysteries: Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious

Practice sheets for the "R" (Return) of the ARMI model of prayer.

Click here for more rosary patterns!

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