This Pray_Every_Day classroom activity is the beginning of a wonderful journey for our young Catholic children. The prayers of the Rosary in this wonderfully fresh and interactive activity will get them started on a journey towards independent prayer and a lasting relationship with God as they join the ARMI of prayer warriors that is our Church.

This Learn the Rosary Classroom Poster Activity Kit is a perfect supplement in Pre-K or Kindergarten classes, in preparation for the First Holy Communion, or any elementary level religious education program. The posters can be used over and over again when you replenish the cutout and sticker sets!

Classroom Poster Kit Activity Page Kit Replenish
Poster Activity Kit
Level1-FullClassroomKit292 XS-RosaryGuide-Level2-Kit-V2 XS-RosaryGuide-Level1-Kit-V2
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  • Instructional Poster (18" x 24")
  • Activity Poster (18" x 24", Laminated)
  • Lesson Cutouts (2 sets)
  • Stickers (2 sets)
  • Instructional Guide
(Optional) Add this kit, one per child, so that each child can create their own Rosary poster. This kit includes:
  • Activity Page (12" mini-poster),
  • Lesson Cutouts, and
  • Stickers.
Replenish poster-sized Lesson Cutouts and Stickers to repeat the Rosary lessons on the laminated Activity Poster over and over again!

5 Wristlets Included
with Classroom Poster Kit

Yellow, Youth 7"
Silicon, Ink-Injected

$2.00 Value per Wristlet

Level-1-2-Wristlet T
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T-Shirts (made to order, minimum 20) Wristlets Text
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Read the endorsement by Janis Clarke and a prayer of blessing by Fr. Francis Martin, S.S.D. (RIP August 2017).