215-ChristGlorified-pic1I joined a new parish after having moved. It was a simple rural church, humbly outfitted, but still a place to find joy in the Eucharist, thanks be to God. The simplicity of the worship space was pronounced the absence of a crucifix hanging above the altar space with no statue of Our Lady or St. Joseph at the sides. As I began to attend weekly Mass, my eyes looked for a place to settle, a place to find the gaze of our loving Lord, and to gaze at him. Thankfully, I found the tabernacle prominently placed behind the altar space just below a beautifully simple stained-glass cross with a dove at its center hovering over the Blessed Sacrament.

It is here in all its simplicity that I found a newness, richness, and depth to the Body of Christ, the fulfillment of the Incarnation. Here I realized that Mary is in and with the glorified Body of Christ. She is, after all, a member of his Body. Indeed, all the faithful are right there in the consecrated bread, humbly reserved in the tabernacle; Jesus, his glorified Body, encompassing Mary and all the saints who have gone before us!


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My mother shared the following revelation about the day she was conceived. In the following conversation, though all the souls ever created are present, there is a bond between the great presence and the smaller presence that is completely undisturbed by the other souls. This is a very private and focused moment.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.
- Jer 1:4)

I have chosen this time for you. Will you go?
Oh yes, Lord. I am ready!
I do not promise you an easy life.
I accept whatever you desire for me, Lord.
It will be difficult at times.
Soul: You are my God, I trust in You!
A child is conceived. Nine months later, the baby breathes air for the first time and lets out its first cries. This is my mother.

Let your every creature serve you; for you spoke, and they were made, You sent forth your spirit, and they were created; no one can resist your word. - Judith 16:14, New American Bible

© Bernadette Harmon, 2019-Feb
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